Tessica Brown, formerly known as “Gorilla Glue Girl,” is looking to help others in need of reconstructive surgery after her own hair ordeal. Brown raised over $23,000 on GoFundMe while seeking treatment for her scalp and now reportedly intends to donate a majority of the funds.

via: The Grio

Tessica Brown — aka ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ — is showing her gratitude for the support she was giving during her ordeal by donating a majority of her GoFundMe haul to a group supporting others going through similar trauma or those requiring expensive surgery.

According to TMZ, Brown’s manager said that after garnering more than $21,000 in public donations, the Louisiana woman has decided to contribute most of the money to Restore Foundation. It is a nonprofit organization that provides reconstructive surgery services for people around the world.

The Restore Organization was conceived by Dr. Michael Obeng, the Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon who successfully performed the hair-restoration procedure for Brown free of charge.

TMZ reported that Brown was inspired to make the monetary contribution because she wants others who need this type of procedure to have the same access she did, even if they’re without financial means.

After posting a video to TikTok that demonstrated her inability to move the hair that was glued to her scalp, Brown received an abundance of sympathy from strangers. Comedian Loni Love, who never met Brown, offered to buy her a custom-made wig, as previously mentioned in theGrio.

Brown plans to keep $1,000 of the GoFundMe cash to pay for the emergency room visit she made in Louisiana before flying to the West Coast for the surgical procedure that Dr. Obeng performed, her manager told TMZ.

At present, she is not experiencing any money woes. Her manager told TMZ that Brown’s rolling in dough from promoting merchandise related to her harrowing experience.

The lesson to take away is make sure before you use anything, you read it. Go on Tessica for donating the money.

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