June 19, 2021

Feeling dreamy? You can thank Saturday’s starmap for the free-flowing vibes, as the moon drifts into a brilliant trine with cerebral Mercury. Take this time to look within and reflect on your life path. Pay attention to intuitive hits that come while you’re deep in meditation or a journaling session. Your instincts could lead you toward an incredible spiritual breakthrough. Spread your wings and fly on Sunday, as the amped-up Sun soars into Cancer and your exploratory ninth house until July 22. Been feeling cooped up at home or caged in by a certain conflict with a loved one? Give yourself a break! A quick (or extended) trip could be just the thing to give you some space to reflect and relax.Can’t take time off? If you work remotely, you can technically make your “home” anywhere with WiFi. And wouldn’t you much rather be typing emails by the pool? Just beware: Jupiter turns retrograde from Sunday to October 10, potentially throwing a wrench in travel plans. Check ALL the details of any potential bookings before you confirm. Make sure everything is order so you can avoid any sudden, fun-spoiling SNAFUS. Feeling nostalgic for a special vacation locale from your past? Revisit this heart-warming spot!

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