Fede Alvarez dropped some super swell news over on The Boo Crew Podcast. The news very much confirms that his film is going to be a direct sequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It comes as a relief in a world filled with reboots and re-do’s. It also seems that Alvarez is keeping things as old school as possible.

That bit of keeping things old school also extends to the practical effects that the film will have. During his time on the podcast he talked about keeping things practical where possible and that he is even going to use similar camera lenses. That of course has us pretty excited about the look of the film. Sounds like he is going to go after a similiar look to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. He is working with original writer, Kim Henkel on this one, so things are looking very positive as far as keeping the original look and feel intact.

Of course, the biggest reveal during the podcast came about when Alvarez dropped the fact that we will be dealing with “Old man Leatherface” this time around. Confirming beyond the shadow of doubt that this is a sequel we are dealing with.

What do you guys think about the news that this is a direct sequel? Let us know in the comments section.

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