Now that we’ve all been working from home for over a year it’s time to start making the best of our situation & turning our homes into offices & this scanner will do just that!

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It’s been a long time since we’ve been back in the office and if you miss all of the perks, including the printer and the scanner, then you’re in luck because the Doxie Go SE – The Intuitive Portable Scanner with Rechargeable Battery is currently on sale on Amazon for just $179. It’s 10% off the retail price of $199, so you save $20, plus, it’s super small and compact, so it doesn’t take up too much space on your home desk.

Get the Doxie Go SE – The Intuitive Portable Scanner with Rechargeable Battery here for $179.

The best part about this scanner is that it’s portable, you can take it anywhere, and you don’t need a computer to use it. All you have to do is insert your paper and the machine scans full pages in color, at up to 600 dpi, and in just eight quick seconds. It comes with a rechargeable battery and included memory, plus, you can scan up to 400 pages each charge and store up to 4,000 pages before syncing. You can download the Doxie app which allows you to sync and scan from all of your favorite apps and you’re good to go.

There’s a reason why over 2,480 people gave this scanner positive reviews and it’s because people love it. One happy customer wrote, “I never thought I’d write a glowing review about a scanner, but the Doxie has changed my life when it comes to paper. I’d been thinking about “going paperless” for a while, but thought it would be too hard. Enter the Doxie. With the built in memory card and wifi, you can scan a bunch of items in and then load them to your ipad/computer all in one go. From there, you can “staple” multiple scans together to create multipage PDFs. It does OCR too, so you can search your PDFs for specific text strings. And to top it all off, the app integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote. The best part? The app is super intuitive….I haven’t had to look up how to do anything I’ve wanted to do, so far.”

Another very satisfied customer gushed about the scanner, “Have used this for a couple of hours and I love it. It’s compact, easy to use. I’m not reviewing it from an image quality perspective, I’m scanning documents and as long as the text is readable, I’m happy. It’s reasonably quick at scanning, at 300 dpi, but obviously does slow down when scanning at 600 dpi, but it’s still fine. Transfer to the PC is easy, the PC sees it as a storage device and you can copy off the JPG files. If you want PDF files, then it will do that but you need to download the Doxie PC application. And this is easy to use too.”

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