Trendy Hairstyles For Long Hair For Spring 2015

If you are lucky to be an owner of long hair, you can enjoy the whole variety of the hottest and the most stunning hairstyles! Here you’ll find 15 trendy hairstyles for long hair for spring 2015.


To create this soft and volumized blowout, curl your hair with a round brush, blow-drying each strand as you pull the brush down the hair. Tuck a part of the hair behind the ear and secure it with a bobby pin.



A braid over flowing hair is one of the hottest hairstyles in the spring of 2015. Being complemented with long messy bangs, it looks very sexy.


Elastic curls at the ends of flowing hair add chic to this gorgeous look. The style works best for those with choppy cuts and thinned out hair.


A fishtail braid is going to be a perfect choice to lift your spirits and to make your day, in case you have bad hairday.


A side-swept and a bit messy blowout is a beautiful and natural look for long hair. This hairstyle can be easily created at home and it looks stunning both at the party and on the beach.


Staining Ombre is still in trend! It looks stylish on hair of every length.


A cascading braid is the best way to showcase the beauty of your well-tended curls.


A regular braid is a timeless trend! It’s appropriate for every occasion, no matter what haircut you have. Together with messy angled bangs, it creates a perfect combination.


You can easily do your hair in Cinderella or Rapunzel style – twist a few strands of your hair on both sides and secure them back with bobby pins.


One more option is a classic braid for Ombre hair that looks stylish and original!


For a gal with Taylor Swift style there is an amazing retro hairstyle with a cute red bow.


Small buns made of twisted strands look really fabulous and stylish. To create this hairstyle divide your hair into 4 sections and twist them into small buns. Then arrange the buns at the nape area and secure them with hair pins.

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